Holi for Unity

Holi provides Hindus-Americans – a minority community in the US – and non-Hindus a chance to build bridges and unite. We call on all Americans to respect religious celebrations during Holi and enjoy the festival united as a people.

What is Holi for unity?

For the Hindu American community, Holi is an important time for gathering and celebration. Holi is the Hindu Spring Festival, celebrating the traditional arrival of harvest and the victory of good over evil. During Holi, we commonly gather in open fields to play with colors and bask in the warmth of Spring. Holi has been celebrated for thousands of years, and different parts of the world have developed different traditions.

As a festival of unity, Hindus welcome everyone in the community to join in the celebrations. Across college campuses, students nowadays play Holi with colored powder, water balloons, and other creative ways of celebrating the arrival of warm weather. Holi provides Hindus – a minority community in the US – and non-Hindus a chance to build bridges and unite.

No matter how people choose to celebrate, the core message stays the same. Holi brings us all together in the face of any differences, and teaches us that good will ultimately win over evil. Hindus and non-Hindus alike come together to recognize the symbolism behind Holi. Just like the many vibrant colors that come out during Holi, all of us are unique. No matter our differences, Holi reminds us to passionately unite in this diversity.

In recent times, this Hindu festival has been subjected to cultural misappropriation and commercialization. Intentional misuse of Holi and its traditions has also sown further confusion about Hindu heritage and culture, while also aiding distrust towards Hindus and fueling Hinduphobia.

In this vein, we have launched a “Holi for Unity” campaign to celebrate Holi for what it is, and to learn about, embrace and respect our Hindu traditions. We call on you to sign onto the “Holi for Unity” campaign!

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